Metta World Peace Ejected from Lakers vs Thunder game (Is Ron Artest back?)

Ever since that infamous incident at Detroit, I’ve been glad to see Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest stepping up for the Lakers and doing good work both on and off the court. It is so disheartening to see, after all this effort he’s made, that he had just been called a Flagrant 2 (against Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center) and ejected on the spot, with a possibly lengthy suspension to follow. Why Metta why? This is the time Lakers need you the most, to play good defense, to step up and make things happen in the Playoffs.

I’ve never been at all a Lakers fan and I am totally AGAINST the behavior in the following video. Shot right to the ear. It’s a total disgrace. There have been arguments that he’s just celebrating his dunk and didn’t see anyone coming his way. But I am not buying any arguments, because nothing would make sense if you look at the video closely; yes it’s intentional. I can’t see how any other explanation could be possible.

Hopefully Harden is fine, which would possibly alleviate the punishment Artest, World Peace (ironic, isn’t it?) is gonna receive.